Day 9: The Edge Of The Galaxy Part 1

I waited in my cloaked ship for a long time but no drifters approached the gate nor came out of it. So in the end I began scanning for a wormhole. It took me several hours as I was still quite clumsy with this scanning thing. When finally I found a wormhole to my disbelief it collapsed before I could enter it. But finally I found another one and what a lucky day, the wormhole took me straight to highsec region. The first thing I did was to send my son a message, it would be quite late in the evening his time so he must be already in bed. But to my surprise he pinged me on the comm. “Father! Where have you been? Are you alright? I have been waiting for your call. I almost talked to headmaster about your whereabout”, he whispered and looked so worried. “I am sorry son. I’ve got some technical difficulties to get in touch with you”, I didn’t want to tell him the truth, at least for now. I would find a good time to tell him the full story later. Continue reading “Day 9: The Edge Of The Galaxy Part 1”

Day 8: A Day In Wormhole

“Ding! Ding! Dong!… Ding! Ding! Dong!… Bzzz..! Bzzz..!” “Ding! Ding! Do..” Huh! I woke up startled by the alarm and quickly turned it off. I looked at the screen it was 5am. Which meant I fell asleep for about 2 hours after stayed awake whole night. Yesterday I decided to keep my ship in this hidden position and watched the area for drifters. Only 1 group of drifters flew passed by from somewhere. Yawwwnnn! I stretched my body. I felt dead tired. The thing with travelling in space was our body circadian rhythm became messed up. So many time reference. The traditional one was of course the planetary time. Although each planet had different length of day but it was easy to divide the planet into several timezones. The same thing for Space Station, it had its own rotation and some advance station even had artificial light that mimic natural day and night. On a larger scale the governments of empires of New Eden had been trying to establish a “universal time” across New Eden. Continue reading “Day 8: A Day In Wormhole”

Day 7: Sisters Of Eve Flotilla

Well, I don’t know where to start my story today. As I mentioned before I didn’t think that for my next trip Ares would be suitable. It was because I needed a ship that could scan for a wormhole. I wanted to look for Sister Of Eve’s flotilla. The problem was I have only tried to scan and enter a wormhole once in my whole life and at that time what I did was only scan for a wormhole, entered it, and got out as quick as possible. So this morning I took out my Astero and flew to some random system to “practice” scanning for a wormhole. I was about to do that when I saw something interesting on my overview screen. A Jovian beacon. “Hmm, I’ve never seen that before. I wonder what that is”, I told myself. So I cloaked my ship and approached the beacon. When suddenly on my screen I saw some dots flashing. “Shit! Drifters! What the hell are they doing here?”. Continue reading “Day 7: Sisters Of Eve Flotilla”

Day 6: A Son To Go To

“Father!”, my son shout loudly from across the hall and began running towards me. I grabbed and raised him high in the air before I hugged him tightly. Ouch, I felt a bit of tense on my back. I didn’t realize he had grown so fast and heavy. “How are you son?” “I’m very happy to see you. You didn’t tell me you would come!”, he said excitedly. “Let’s go to the garden, Father. We can talk freely there”. Continue reading “Day 6: A Son To Go To”

Day 5: Battle Of B-R5RB

I have always been fascinated by war. In my spare time I often watch documentaries about armed conflict around New Eden. It is not because I like killings but it is because in wars – in between the tragedies, sorrows and the worst of humanity – I also see the best of humanity that only appear in war. Of the countless battles that New Eden had to witness, Battle of B-R5RB stands out. There was no official record but people said millions died in that fateful battle. Continue reading “Day 5: Battle Of B-R5RB”

Day 4: Missed Her

The thing with this journey is I have more time to be with myself. And even though I am not an extrovert, I do feel lonely sometimes. It is not that I am a shy person, it is just I am very bad with reading people’s intention or body language. In fact I am oblivious to people’s intention. I cannot tell if they are being sincere and honest or lying. In my younger days I didn’t think of this too much, resulting many disappointment or painful experiences when people misused my trust or even betrayed me. However it did give me very few “new family members”, people that were really sincere and trustworthy. Continue reading “Day 4: Missed Her”

Day 3: The EVE Gate

My guts feeling was correct to rent an Ares. I saw several warp disruptor bubbles on the way. Although I also thought I was lucky because the route was surprisingly empty. Anyway, I had finally arrived at this location. The EVE-gate. The place where all history began many millennias ago, or should I say the legends, or even myths. Because nobody really knew for sure what happened or what it was. The radiation and magnetic storm was too dangerous for any ship to get close to it. For believers it was the gate to heaven. God lived on the other side of the gate. Continue reading “Day 3: The EVE Gate”

Day 2: Rent An Ares

I decided to rent an Ares for some of the riskier places in my trip. I managed to persuade them to waive the insurance fee but in return I had to agree to make my Algos and everything inside as collateral plus some deposits. The Ares was not new but it was still in very good condition, fitted with enough inertial stabilizers and optimizers to make its alignment time under 2 seconds. 1.74 seconds to be exact. Continue reading “Day 2: Rent An Ares”

Day 1: Catiz Honor Guard

I visited the Honor Guard of Empress Catiz. As a Gallente I certainly did not like many of Amarrian “cultural practice”. But I must admit the empire had impressive fleet. Those Titans were huge! I spent hours touring and marveling at them. The duty guard was nice enough to let me tour but only after they put a device on my Algos to disable weapons and drones. I asked them what if I ram them using my ship. He said “It doesn’t matter” and everyone in the guard room laughed for a whole minute.

Prologue: To Live Life To The Fullest

“Why do you have to go, father?”, I saw the confusion on my son face on the hologram screen. He had started his year-long boarding school last week. “Don’t worry, son. I will come back to you whenever you need me. I promise”, I tried my best impression to look and sound firm. “Now, study hard and make me proud. I’ll call you again later, alright?”. He nodded and I ended the comm. Although it was hard but I had been thinking about it for a long time. All my life I had always avoided risk, whatever it was. Sure, I would take risky decisions but only as a last resort. But something had been bugging my heart. Somehow I felt that I was not living my life to the fullest. Something was missing. And now I knew what I had to do to fill the emptiness. I had decided to leave everything behind and travel to the four corners of the galaxy. I would be putting jump clones in some places. And for the ship I had decided to use my trusted Algos. This was it! There was no turning back. And I could feel my wife was smiling from among the stars.