Day 48: Nullsec Here We Come Part 1

Barbz!! I’ve got accepted!”, I said to him after I opened the door. There he was, walking into my room with some boxes and a dozen of beers.

Congrats, but not surprising at all”, he said putting all of them on the table.

What do you mean? How about you?”

Me? Yes of course I was accepted. And that is also why I’m not surprised at all. The moment they accepted me, which by the way a person who have many secrets that I actually hoped to bury, I knew they would accept you”. Continue reading “Day 48: Nullsec Here We Come Part 1”

Day 47: A New Chapter Part 5

Okay, I’ll start”, the lady on the left said. She glanced over her tablet and then looked at me.

I can see that even though you are mostly a miner, you have trained almost all your core skills to level 5. This is quite impressive. It means you are a focus person in achieving your goals. I have seen people who posses many skills but only at level 1 or 3. Jack of all trades maybe interesting but they are no good in time of crisis. Most importantly for me is your honesty. I like it. I’d like you into the corp”, she said it with a very sweet smile. Continue reading “Day 47: A New Chapter Part 5”

Day 46: A New Chapter Part 4

Then silence…

I felt it as the longest awkwardly terrifying silence in my life. The silence was killing me. I felt that I should say something. No! They should say something, they were the ones who were the interviewers. They should say something! But they all just looked at me.

Haha! Very good!”, suddenly I heard the person on the left said that. I was shocked. Not because what she said, but how she said it. Her voice was the most mesmerizing voice I had ever heard since…. my wife’s voice. Her voice was feminine and yet commanding. Continue reading “Day 46: A New Chapter Part 4”

Day 45: A New Chapter Part 3

He pointed something on his tablet to the guy in the middle and he nodded.

Is there something wrong?”, I repeated my question. I began to feel bad about this.

Not really, don’t get us wrong”, he said with a smile as if he was trying to calm me down.

We have many ex-military from ensign to high ranking officers. They are actually easier to merge into our corp activities especially fleet battle because they already have the discipline”. Continue reading “Day 45: A New Chapter Part 3”

Day 44: A New Chapter Part 2

We submitted our application to the null corp along with authorization code for them to have read-only access to all of our information on New Eden’s universal databank, this included our personal identification, asset, bank account, and mail messages.

The next day we received a message from them.

Barbz, I’ve got the interview schedule. It will be 3pm today. Did you receive yours?”, I ask Barbz over the comm in my room. Continue reading “Day 44: A New Chapter Part 2”

Day 42: Jump Into The Unknown Part 4

I loved this place. The asteroids were abundant and quite near from major trade hub, and yet somehow not so many miners visited the place. I and my wife had been mining for few hours and our ships were almost full.

“You know, our baby just called me ‘Mama’ for the first time this morning”, she said over the comm. I could feel the happiness in her voice and it made me happy too. In fact I just loved her voice. I often closed my eyes when we were talking over the comm like this. Her voice was firm and yet had a slight tenderness at the end of every words she said. It was just perfect for me.

Oh, that’s great. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Can I call you Mama too?”, I teased her. She laughed. Continue reading “Day 42: Jump Into The Unknown Part 4”

Day 41: Jump Into The Unknown Part 3

I’m warping us out of here!”

How about the drones?”, I naively asked. He didn’t reply, well I guessed the drones were definitely cheaper than our ships and our lives.

From D-scan I could tell our ships warped just in time the gankers arrived at their bait Procurer. Our drones were still fighting for a short moment until their connection to our ship was lost.

Why did we warp to this moon, Barbz?”, I asked when I noticed we didn’t warped to the gate. Continue reading “Day 41: Jump Into The Unknown Part 3”

Day 40: Jump Into The Unknown Part 2

We flew our ships silently. We headed to a 0.4 system several jumps away. When we arrived there was only another person in the system.

We waited at the entrance of the out gate from hisec, in an approximate range when a ship would landed from its warp.

We waited and waited. An hour had passed but not a single ship came into the system.

Is this system supposed to be this quiet?”, I broke the silence. Continue reading “Day 40: Jump Into The Unknown Part 2”