Day 61: The Mystery of Station 0 Part 2

“Okay, I won’t tell him”, I said but I know there was no way I would lie to Barbz. He’s more than best friend. He’s family. But did it mean I lied to Zobault? Well, not really I thought. I wouldn’t tell Barbz if he didn’t ask, but I’d definitely say it if he asked.

“Good”, Zobault said after he looked deep into my eyes and decided that I was honest and trustworthy enough for him to tell the mysterious story he was about to tell me. He laid back against the chair and began staring at a distance as if remembering something.

“A long time ago, a time so long ago that only few of us remember, the first group of what would become the predecessor of our corporation arrived in this region. They found the region as part of the expansion era where expeditions were sent to far reaches of space to construct jump gates and establish colonies”.

“That was quite some time ago”, I said. But Zobault continued as if he didn’t hear me.

“When they explored the system they found an old partly destroyed jumpgate and a dysfunctional station”.

“Station 0?”, I asked. This time he acknowledged by looking at me. But only a second, moments later he fixed his gazed to far away again.

“The station design had a similarity with general Gallente style nowadays, but that’s about it. The innards and system were nothing they had ever seen. The technology looked older and simpler but at the same time they often couldn’t understand how it worked. It took them great effort and several years until they managed to get some understanding of how the station worked”.

“Sounds interesting, but to me it looks like just another discovery of ancient structures. What’s so special about this one that it became a forbidden place?”

“Let me continue”, I could see Zobault was bit upset by my interruption.

“I’m sorry. Please continue”, I apologized to him and sip my beer.

“They began bringing more people to work on the station. They thought that they could use it for work and living while they built the new jumpgate and stations. They were restoring sections of the station with new equipment and amenities, setting up living quarters and offices. While at the same time another team were exploring and studying the station’s technology. Things were going well, until…….”, Zobault stopped and stared at me.

“What? What happened?”, I straightened myself on the chair. Suddenly intrigued by him.

“The new systems installed began to have breakdowns that couldn’t be explained. People got fever, sick…. and some became violent”.

“Maybe some contamination in the air system? Some fungus or airborne bacteria?”, I tried to be logical.

“They did think about it and they began using full space suit in the station, but the illness and strangeness kept happening. Until finally they decided the cost and risk were too high to stay in the station. So they left and sealed the station. Forbidding for anyone to visit it”.

“That is so strange. I’ve never heard about this station before. Has anyone tried to visit it again over the years?”, I asked.

“Of course. There were people who were rebellious and foolish enough to ignore the warning. But usually they would come back sick, crazy, or never come back at all. Nowadays people around here believe the station is haunted”.

“Haunted? You mean ghost? Haha!”, I suddenly couldn’t hold myself laughing. To me it was very amusing when people talked about spirit, soul, supernatural being, ghost, or some say devil or satan. It may be a fascinating idea for Amarrians with their religion and belief system, but not for me.

“You don’t believe it?”, Zobault crossed his arms. He looked upset.

“Oh I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend you. It is just I am surprised people still believe to those ghost stories. Science has proved over and over again that there is no such thing as ghost, well except in Amarr of course”, I chuckled at the end of my sentence.

“Well, let’s go there then! To the station!”

“What? You are kidding, right?”, I was surprised by his sudden challenge.

“Are you scared? That’s alright. I understand if you are scared. Let’s forget about it”, he shook his head.

“Of course I’m not scared! Let’s go!”, my pride got the best of me.



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