Day 61: The Mystery of Station 0 Part 2

“Okay, I won’t tell him”, I said but I know there was no way I would lie to Barbz. He’s more than best friend. He’s family. But did it mean I lied to Zobault? Well, not really I thought. I wouldn’t tell Barbz if he didn’t ask, but I’d definitely say it if he asked.

“Good”, Zobault said after he looked deep into my eyes and decided that I was honest and trustworthy enough for him to tell the mysterious story he was about to tell me. He laid back against the chair and began staring at a distance as if remembering something. Continue reading “Day 61: The Mystery of Station 0 Part 2”

Day 60: The Mystery of Station 0 Part 1

Barbz asked me why I was still doing my “punishment” as janitor. He offered me to join his assignment as guard duty which he said definitely much better than janitor. But I declined his offer. To me a commitment was something I would never avoid once I committed to it.

Besides, to my surprise I actually liked doing the janitor duty. I found out the duty suited to my personality which I liked to do repetitive task and perfecting it. Finding ways to improve the efficiency. Continue reading “Day 60: The Mystery of Station 0 Part 1”