Day 56: The Mystery Of The CEO Part 2

We got a beacon to guide us to which part of the station we could dock. It turned out even though the structure was destroyed, a small part of it looked intact, or perhaps someone repaired it for… secret meeting like this?

After we docked a squad of men escorted us to a room. Along the way debris were everywhere, but surprisingly when we entered the room, it was clean and tidy, although dimly lit. At the center of the room was an round table with chairs and a person was seating with men behind her. It was the CEO!

Please have a seat”, she said. I nodded to her and we grabbed a chair in front of her.

I didn’t say a word but I got mixed feeling about this meeting. Was it bad for us? Good? I looked at all the men behind her. They must be her bodyguards. They all wore black combat visors. Those would enable them to scan for any hidden weapon on a person and other combat advantage such as night vision and target acquisition and ranging. I thought CEO was certainly a very important person, but was this kind of security normal? I felt it was a bit too much.

Thank you for coming. First of all please be aware that anything said in this meeting doesn’t come out of this room. Understood?”, she looked at me and Barbz in the eyes. And we nodded.


You must be wondering why I call you here. That fighting incident you were involved, our investigation revealed a much deeper crisis upon our corporation”.

Crisis?’, I finally couldn’t keep myself silent anymore.

The leadership have always been aware of the friction between members, namely between the warriors and miners. We thought it was natural. They will always dislike each other. But somehow we are mistaken. The issue have polarized our members so badly recently, it is in the air. We even heard there might be plan to change the leadership”.

You mean a rebellion?”, Barbz asked.

It is a difficult time now for everyone. I’d suggest you to be more careful in everything you do. That’s all what I can say for now. Thank you”, she closed the meeting. That’s it? The meeting now gave me even more questions than answers. But we stood up anyway and started leaving.

Wait, (censored)……, could you stay please?”, she called my name and she signaled her bodyguards to leave the room. I looked at Barbz, but he just shrugged and left the room too.

Please sit down”, she said when she saw me I was still standing.

I sat down again. We stared into each other eyes. She didn’t say a word. And I couldn’t guess what she was thinking.

So, you were Sylvia’s husband…..”, she said slowly. Her tone made it partly a question and also a statement.

Excuse me?”, I said. Her question completely took me off guard.

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