Day 55: The Mystery Of The CEO Part 1

I always felt those strange feelings whenever I entered a wormhole. Feelings that I had never used to. Modern ship nowadays of course was designed to stand wormhole travel and protect its crew, but still I felt as if my mind left the body for a brief second. And another few seconds for me to shake off the dizziness.

Once I was inside, I quickly activated directional scan to check if there was another ship. Nothing. So far so good. I then set the course to the wormhole exit I had from the corp bookmark and warped to it. Then entered the second wormhole to emerge into the lowsec system and set course to home.

How are you son?”, I greeted him on the comm. I arrived at my highsec home during the day, but it turned out my son was on a field trip in another system.

Father! It’s so good to see you. I am fine. I am on a field trip now”.

Yeah, I’m sorry I forgot about it, I wish I could see you in person”.

Me too. Where are you? I thought you were in nullsec”.

I just came to pickup some stuff and will be heading back to nullsec”.

How is it there? What do you do?”

Currently I am assigned as Hangar Maintenance Apprentice”, I decided to use the formal name of my job instead of janitor.

That sounds cool, father. Do you like it?”

Yes, I like it. I got chance to see various types of ship and maintain them”


We chatted for a little while and then I traveled back to nullsec through the wormhole with my Skiff. It was uneventful and in no time I was back at nullsec. That was when I saw Barbz on local when I exited the wormhole.

Barbz! What are you doing here? I’ve been looking for you!”

Hey buddy! What a coincidence, I was about to send message to you too. The CEO wants to meet us”, he replied me on a private channel instead.

What? When?”

Do you see the only citadel in this system? Dock and pick me up. We will go to the location together. Don’t get out of the ship, I’ll go aboard right away”.

Where are we going, Barbz?”, I asked him once he was aboard my Skiff.

Go to XX-XXX, it is 4 jumps away from here. Once there go look for an abandon station”.

Okay, could you repeat that again? XX- what?”, I hated the systems naming in nullsec. They were all using random numbers and alphabet. I was very bad at memorizing them.

XX-XXX”, he repeated it slowly.

XX-XXX. Okay, I got it. Here we go”.

We traveled in silence. I wanted to ask him why the CEO wanted to see us and where he had been for the past few days but I guessed I would know soon.

As we jumped, I notice there must be at least one person in local. Until when finally we arrived the destination, I saw 12 people in local including us, and I saw one of them was our CEO name.

I approached the abandon station. Although I knew it was completely safe considering our CEO was there with all those people, but the condition of the station and its surrounding was very eery. Thick clouds of mist was all over the place. When I looked more carefully, it seemed that the station was partly destroyed. Ruins were floating every where.

Barbz! Did you see that?”

See what?”

I swear there is something moving in that ruins”, I said.

Haha. It must be your imagination, buddy”.

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