Day 52: Nullsec Here We Come Part 5

Ouch!”, I grimaced. When I accidentally pressed my right shoulder to the wall. The fighting was over. It took corp security 5 minutes to arrive at the bar and they quickly subdued all of us by using stunning laser. The majority of us were rounded up into this big room, I guessed some kind of storage room. Some were taken to the clinic because of their injuries. And few even were brought to clone bay to be re-awaken into a new body.

You okay buddy?”, Barbz asked me.

I guess I’m fine, Barbz. How about you? Hey, you lost a tooth!”, I just realized it when he smiled widely. A tooth was missing.

Yeah. Haha! No big deal”, he touched his swollen cheek. We all had bruises all over our body. I got a nasty cut on my right shoulder when someone hit me with a broken glass bottle. The medical staff had it sewn and mended but the pain killer had subsided by now and I felt the pain pulsating. I tried to ignore it.

Perhaps you want to change into fresh clone, Barbz?”

Nah, I kind of like this body. Many sweet memories with it. I try to keep it as long as possible”, he said.

Then we heard the door opened and several guards came in. They looked around the room and fixed their sight on us.

You! And you! Yes! Both of you! Stand up and come with us!”

We stood up and followed them out of the room, walked limping along the corridor.

Hey! Don’t push us, okay!”, I said to one of the guard behind us that kept pushing us to walk faster.

Shut up and move faster!”

We kept walking for about 10 minutes when finally we arrived at a check point and after passing security scanner we entered a room, or more like a lobby. There was a desk in the middle with two guards. On the wall behind them was a big coat of arms of our corporation.

One of the guards at the desk looked at us and pressed something. A door on our right opened and we were brought into the room.

As we entered the room, I saw that big guy at the bar was already there. He stood up upon looking at us but the guard beside him pushed him back sitting. Looked like he changed into new clone. His body looked younger and fresh.

We were seated at the next table in the room. And a few minutes later 3 people came into the room. I recognized one of them was the lady that interviewed us. They were seated at the table in front of us.

Alright gentlemen. You are all brought here because based on video surveillance and witnesses, you started the commotion. Could you tell us what happened?”, she said.

That shit miner sucker punched me first, Ma’am. On my crotch!”, the big guy stood up. He was clearly still very angry at me.

Please mind your language”, a guard scolded him.

Is that true?”, the lady looked at me.

Yes. I punched him first”.

But not after he insulted us and threw my friend across the room”, I continued.

Is that true, Tennver?”, she looked at the big guy. Now that I heard his name looked like he was a Minmatar.

Why do we keep bringing miners, Ma’am? We need more warriors! Not cry baby highsec miners!”, he didn’t reply to the question.

We have talked about this, remember? And you have been warned from the past incident. This is not of your concern”.

We realize that we cannot prevent people from fighting, we understand that. And we tolerate small fun fist exchange now and then. But not at this scale and certainly not for this reason!”

Do you understand? Good! You all are free to go to your quarters after this, but you have to report to security office tomorrow at 7am to receive your punishment”.

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