Day 48: Nullsec Here We Come Part 1

Barbz!! I’ve got accepted!”, I said to him after I opened the door. There he was, walking into my room with some boxes and a dozen of beers.

Congrats, but not surprising at all”, he said putting all of them on the table.

What do you mean? How about you?”

Me? Yes of course I was accepted. And that is also why I’m not surprised at all. The moment they accepted me, which by the way a person who have many secrets that I actually hoped to bury, I knew they would accept you”.

What do you mean? One guy almost rejected me because of my Gallente military past”.

The guy on the side? Nah! He said he was always suspicious of strangers. I believe it doesn’t matter whoever he interview, he would always be like that. Most importantly is the lady. She seemed to be the real decision maker in the interview actually”.

Before you say anything, here, let’s have a little celebration to congratulate ourselves. Haha!”, he opened the boxes and handed me the beer.

Cheers!”, the cold beer felt very nice.

You know Barbz, I have the same feeling. That lady seemed to be their leader actually”.

Perhaps. We will know soon enough once we get there”.

We enjoyed the snacks and beers while talking about the interview. He kept laughing when I told him how I blurted out replies without thinking. And I was amazed hearing some of his secrets in the past.

Oh yeah, they said they will be sending a message with details of their location. I wonder…”, I didn’t finish my words when I heard a beep from Barbz communicator indicating a message. And soon afterwards another beep from my room computer.

Well, well, speaking of the devil. Here is the message on the details. It says we can choose to go to their highsec staging system or directly to their HQ in nullsec”, Barbz said.

I see. Yes. Let me see how far they are. Hmm.. 20 jumps to the highsec staging and 41 jumps to nullsec HQ”, I checked the jumps on those unfamiliar systems. I was quite nervous looking at all those red dots indicating every nullsec system that we have to travel in order to reach the HQ.

I don’t think I can bring my Skiff there safely…..”, I said to myself.

No, look. The message says it is recommended that new member sell all of their belongings and just use the death clone method to go to their HQ”, Barbz read more of the message.

Death clone? What is that?”, I asked.

Haven’t you heard? Come to think of it, it does make sense. You set their HQ in nullsec as your new home station. And then you self destruct your pod. You will be instantly transported there. Plain and simple”.

Sounds interesting. But I don’t think I want to do that. I prefer to travel there conventionally. When do you want to go there?”, I asked.

Perhaps this weekend. I will go back to my homestation and take care of some stuffs first”.

Me too. Moreover I need to think of way to tell this nicely to my son. I don’t want him to worry. I may not be able to go at the same time with you. Is that okay?”

It’s ok. In that case send him my warmest regards. And I will see you at the HQ. Be careful, okay buddy?”

Thanks Barbz, you too”, we shook hands and then he left.

I read the rest of the message. It provided information on how to connect to the corp secure communication system. Looked like the interview channel was just one of the many channels they had. Interesting.

I walked to the sofa and laid down. The night was still young but all the stress and excitement from the interview finally got me. Suddenly I felt so tired.

Nullsec…. ready or not…. here we come”, I said to myself before drifting to sleep.

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