Day 47: A New Chapter Part 5

Okay, I’ll start”, the lady on the left said. She glanced over her tablet and then looked at me.

I can see that even though you are mostly a miner, you have trained almost all your core skills to level 5. This is quite impressive. It means you are a focus person in achieving your goals. I have seen people who posses many skills but only at level 1 or 3. Jack of all trades maybe interesting but they are no good in time of crisis. Most importantly for me is your honesty. I like it. I’d like you into the corp”, she said it with a very sweet smile.

You are very kind. Thank you”, I felt uplifted. Looked like I still had a chance after all.

I agree with her. You have good core skills. Although most of our doctrine ships are not Gallente, but looking at your core skills, it would be fairly easy for you to train up to use our ships. If you are okay with our training program, I’d like you into our corp”, said the man in the middle.

I’m okay with that. I will follow the corp doctrine”.

That’s very good. So, now is the moment of truth. What do you say (censored)?”, he looked to the man on the right.

Hmm, I agree he has good core skills. Moreover he has good industry skills too. He will be good addition to our indy department. But I have reservation with his Gallente military loyalty. And about his honesty, I’m not sure… In my opinion there is no way there is person as honest as him. He is… too honest”, he looked at me saying that but his words were directed to his colleague.

Excuse me. What are you saying? I gave you access to all of my info, even my personal mails. I answered all your questions honestly, without trying to make things up. But still, are you saying I lied?”, I said it all without thinking. That was my weakness. Every time people doubted my honesty I would explode.

Woah, hold on. Let me finish”, he was clearly surprised by my reaction.

What I am saying is I have my doubt on your honesty. But…”, he hanged his sentence in mid air.

But…., I must admit that many times I am too suspicious on strangers. And that’s why I am going to trust my colleagues here. They have spoken their agreement to accept you into our corp with valid evaluation. And I agree with them. I accept you too in to the corp. With a probation of course, if you don’t mind”.

Haha! That’s settled then!”, the middle guy concluded it without waiting for me to say anything.

Welcome to the corp! You will receive the details on how to travel to our staging system soon after this”.

Oh wow. Thank you”.

Do you have any questions?”

No. I’m fine”.

Ok then. We will see you later. Good bye”, and with that they ended the communication. The screen showed the corp logo.

I kept staring at the screen blankly, trying to replay the interview all over again on my mind. That’s it? I couldn’t believe I was accepted after those impulsive reactions of mine.

I was snapped back to reality when I heard someone buzzing the bell and banging at the door.

Hey buddy! Open the door!”

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