Day 44: A New Chapter Part 2

We submitted our application to the null corp along with authorization code for them to have read-only access to all of our information on New Eden’s universal databank, this included our personal identification, asset, bank account, and mail messages.

The next day we received a message from them.

Barbz, I’ve got the interview schedule. It will be 3pm today. Did you receive yours?”, I ask Barbz over the comm in my room.

Yes. Mine will be 2pm. I suppose I could tell you what they ask me in the interview if it’s finished before your time”, he said.

But it turned out his interview might not finish yet because he didn’t contact me. I checked the clock it was almost 2.50pm. It was time for me to logon to the null corp secure conference system as instructed.

The host has not joined the meeting. Please wait…”, I heard it when I logged on to the system. I looked at the screen looking for some menu to play around but there was none. I only saw my name on participant list. I didn’t even see any icon to mute or unmute myself.

It was already five past three but there was still nobody started the meeting. I was getting nervous thinking of the questions that they might ask when suddenly the screen showed a room with three person facing the camera.

Hello there!”, the person in the middle greeted me.

We’re sorry to keep you waiting. The previous interview took longer than usual”.

No problem”, I said.

Let’s get started, shall we? My name is (censored). I am the recruitment officer of (censored) corporation. These are my colleagues: (censored) and (censored)”. They each nodded to me.

Alright, let’s hear about you. Could you tell us about yourself, what you do and why are you interested to join us?”

Sure. My name is (censored). I mostly do mining and missions in high sec. Alone… or sometimes with my friend. I am interested to join your corporation because I want something new in my life. I heard life in nullsec is completely different than highsec”.

What did you hear about life in nullsec?”, he asked.

Well, I heard that nullsec systems don’t belong to the empires. And that there would be constant battle between corporations and alliances”.

Haha. That’s only half true. People who said that are just trying to scare you. Constant conflict doesn’t mean constant battles”.

Have you fought other capsuleer?”, the man on the right asked me.

Fight as in ship battle? Very rarely. Only when I get attacked during mining or mission”, somehow I didn’t want to tell them about the time when I and Barbz tried to attack a miner. I saw the guy was checking something on his tablet. I hope Barbz didn’t tell them that we had that encounter in lowsec.

Well, we do require our members to be able to fight when required. So if you are willing to learn, we will train you in ship combat especially in fleet”.

I’m fine with it”, I said.

But, err…”, suddenly I wanted to ask something.

Yes? Do you have something on your mind?”, the middle guy raised his eyes from his tablet and looked at me.

Uh, yes. I’d like to ask why you require me to declare everything about myself? Even my mails. I hope you don’t mind me asking”.

Not at all. Most applicant would ask about it and we understand many would feel uncomfortable exposing all of their information to us. But I hope you too understand that we need to make sure the applicant is not a spy. There is a constant conflict between corporations and alliances in nullsec and spies are everywhere. Up to the point we have no choice but to put that requirement on all applicants”.

I see. Yes, I understand it now..”, I hesitantly concurred.

Don’t worry about your mails. There is no way we can read all the mails. We use computer to check the mails for certain criteria and only if it finds something that we will read the mails manually”, he said as if he could read my mind.

Oh, that’s nice”, I laughed nervously. I actually didn’t care if they knew all of my assets or money. The most uncomfortable thing about this checking thingy was my mails. I considered them as my most private information. I noticed the guy on the right looked at me sharply.

Were you in Gallente military?”, he asked.

Yes, I was”, I said proudly. My military career was not long but I still felt honored whenever I remember it.

Hmm..”, he was back reading his tablet.

Is there something wrong?”, I asked.

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