Day 38: Tale Of Wolves And Sheep Part 3

War Declaration? What does it mean for us? Why do they do this to us?”, I asked. All my life I had never been in a war declaration.

It means they can attack us anytime anywhere. I have feeling they would extort us for money”.

I see. That’s not too bad. We can defend ourselves and besides Concord will interfere quickly to punish them since we are still in highsec, won’t they?”

On normal circumstances yes, but not in this case. Not when we are in war. Concord will not punish the aggressor”. Continue reading “Day 38: Tale Of Wolves And Sheep Part 3”

Day 37: Tale Of Wolves And Sheep Part 2

The next morning I headed back to the asteroid belts again. I felt pumped up from yesterday’s result. Tons of Kernite and Pyroxeres. Soon after I saw Barbz at our rendezvous point.

Good morning, Barbz. You are so early”, I said over the comm. The clock showed it was still another 15 minutes before our meeting time but Barbz was already there with his Retriever. But I saw there was another ship mining beside him. Continue reading “Day 37: Tale Of Wolves And Sheep Part 2”

Day 36: Tale Of Wolves And Sheep Part 1

Let me ask you this. Why didn’t you mine in this kind of area earlier?”, Barbz answered my question with his own question and I was caught unprepared for it.

Me? Well… Because I thought this place is dangerous. It is dangerous, isn’t it?

Barbz didn’t have chance to answer me when I heard a warning beeps from the computer.

Blood Raiders!”, I said. Continue reading “Day 36: Tale Of Wolves And Sheep Part 1”

Day 34: The Most Boring Job In The Galaxy Part 1

Miners. You would find them almost everywhere. From rough men with beard and muscular body to thin or fat. From young men following their fathers to miners in their 60s. And then there were of course the elite of miners, the capsuleers who for whatever reason decided to become a miner.

It was not too obvious but you might overheard in pubs when people of other professions mocked mining as the most boring job in the galaxy. And they said it took the laziest people in the galaxy to do it. Even cargo hauler was more fun because they got chance to go seeing different places in the galaxy. Continue reading “Day 34: The Most Boring Job In The Galaxy Part 1”

Day 33: Climbing Up The Food Chain Part 2

That is very interesting, Barbz. Could you show me how it works?”, I was now getting interested on how this Planetary Interaction worked.

Certainly, let’s go to the command center. We’ll have to take the shuttle again”.

After a short ride we arrived at the command center.

Why the command center have to be separated from the extractor? Wouldn’t it be simpler if they are together?” Continue reading “Day 33: Climbing Up The Food Chain Part 2”

Day 31: Could We (Not) Buy Happiness? Part 3

What Barbz said struck me. Somehow I’ve never thought of it. My expenses were mostly normal daily necessities and almost never something of luxurious matters. Of course sometimes I’d need to spend extra such as whenever I needed to buy a new ship or fittings, but that was not to the scale that would drain my savings. I’ve never tried to accumulate money to become rich.

But Barbz, I feel fine with what I have now. Money is not the most important thing for me”. Continue reading “Day 31: Could We (Not) Buy Happiness? Part 3”