Day 20: The Amarr-Gallente Scandal Part 2

I picked the nearest cruiser and set my ship to keep a distance of 45km. I knew I was still in his guns range but by activating my micro warp drive I could buy more time and let the drones fight. The drones were taking damage and one by one they died. Luckily I brought maximum amount the ship could bring and besides medium drones I also brought 5 fast light drones. I launched 2 light drones replacing the destroyed ones. Continue reading “Day 20: The Amarr-Gallente Scandal Part 2”

Day 17: Barbz Part 1

It turned out the guy went out of the station soon after I docked and I didn’t see his name anymore for the rest of the day. I felt relieve and I called my son.

Hello son. How have you been?”, I asked when I saw his face appeared on the comm screen.

I’m fine father. I miss you, when will you come to visit me again?”, he said.

Are you alright, father? You look a bit pale”.

Continue reading “Day 17: Barbz Part 1”

Day 16: Sisters Of Eve Security Mission Runner Level 3 Part 3

I calmed myself down and targeted him in return. He was in a tactical destroyer. I was still in the process of targeting him when the first salvo of his missiles hit my ship.

Damn. It should not be that bad if my shield was not already almost gone from the ongoing mission’s battle. My shield was quickly gone from the second missiles salvo. I quickly activated my armor repairer module. And afterwards I noticed his subsequent salvos could not overcome my repairer. Continue reading “Day 16: Sisters Of Eve Security Mission Runner Level 3 Part 3”