Day 22: Holy Encounter Part 1

I brought them to the dining room of the ship and provided them with food and drinks. They were visibly hungry and gladly consumed the meal. I excused myself and went to the cockpit. I told the station medical facility that someone from Sisters of Eve would take care of the lady patient. And I undocked the ship. I decided to not stay there for too long and went to my home station. I was getting worried someone from the station security would start asking me questions on the whole events.

After the ship entered highsec I set it on autopilot and I greeted my passengers through the comm. They had finished their meal and was chatting among themselves. They got up when they saw me on the screen.

Please sit down, once again I am not your master. Stop calling me master”, I said.

Yes master”

No no no. Just call me A”, I was not sure if I should feel pitiful or upset.

Is your name just… A?”, the Minmatar guy asked me.

Yes”, I almost chuckled. ‘A’ was of course not my name, I just made it up, it was from the word ‘Anonymous’. How silly I was.

Who are you and why did you save us?”

I saved you by accident. My mission was to save the reporter”.

Oh that lady… they injected lots of Vitoc into her. How is she?”.

She is safe for now”, I didn’t want to elaborate more about her blindness.

Listen, I am taking you guys to my home in Gallente. From there we will see what I can do for you. But you are free now”.

Free?”, they looked at each other and started talking busily among themselves.

We had a long conversation about themselves. And it broke my heart hearing their stories. In Gallente we cherished freedom above everything else and I just could not fathom these Minmatar slaves. I was tearing up when I heard that their concept of “freedom” was completely different from what I knew. They had been a slave since they were born, the same went to their parents, their grand parents, great grand parents, and so on to their ancestors as far as they could tell. Their freedom was their lunch time and rest in the evening. That was all. At least for these group.

After some time I could see they were getting sleepy and I told them to take a rest.

Finally we were approaching the jumpgate that separated Amarr and Gallente space. And as such Gallente and Amarr immigration required every ship to declare their passenger and cargo. It should be just a normal process, wouldn’t take a minute for them to scan. Except not this time.

Gallente ship! You are bringing illicit cargo that is forbidden in the Gallente Federation”, the Gallente immigration halted my ship.

What do you mean by illicit cargo? I don’t bring any dangerous or forbidden items. Look officer, you know me. I have been passing by this jumpgate hundreds of times”.

You are bringing 3 slaves”, he ignored my friendly gesture.

What? They are not slaves. They are…. my passengers”.

That is not what is shown in our database. Please return them to Amarr or we have to arrest you!”.

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  1. Hi everyone, it took me few days to write this special episode. The world may be crazy but there is always hope. And for that I’d like to thank His Holiness the Space Pope of New Eden Maximilian Singularity VI of Charles White for his guidance and blessing on this episode. The episode would not be possible without him. Please join me on this Holy Encounter.

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