Day 30: Could We (Not) Buy Happiness? Part 2

Wohohooo!”, Barbz was delighted when we have exited the station and warp into space.

This ship is amazing. So responsive and smooth, it is almost as if it knows what I want to do even before I think about the maneuver!”

It is using Jovian technology, isn’t it?”

Yes, it is”, I concurred. The Gnosis was the most delightful ship I had ever flown. The Ares came close to second in my opinion but not as smooth as Gnosis. Continue reading “Day 30: Could We (Not) Buy Happiness? Part 2”

Day 29: Could We (Not) Buy Happiness? Part 1

You’ve got quite a collection of ships here since last time I visited your hangar”, Barbz said. We were touring part of the station’s hangar where I park most of my ships. Several of my ships were scattered all over the regions.

Thanks but not really. I just keep ships that I really like. Often I’d just rent one if I need it. For example that Ares over there. It’s a rental”.

Which one is your favorite and why?”, he asked. Continue reading “Day 29: Could We (Not) Buy Happiness? Part 1”

Day 28: Men, Beer, and Aunia Incident Part 2

Soon we arrived at the fighting pit lobby. The place was packed. There was only one ring and fighting style, that was freestyle. No weapon of course. All bare fist.

Well buddy, looks like we are lucky. There is a tournament going”, Barbz was excited. No wonder the place was packed. I watched one of the big screens on the wall. It said it was a yearly tournament with fighters from all over the region.

Let’s go inside, they are already started” Continue reading “Day 28: Men, Beer, and Aunia Incident Part 2”

Day 26: I Will Always Be There For You

Uncle Barbz!”, my son was very surprised to see him after so long.

Hello kid, how are you?”, Barbz was even more happier. My son hugged him so tight I could see Barbz grimaced.

I am fine, uncle. How are you? Where have you been? It felt like forever since I see you. I miss you!”

Haha! I miss you too. I am surprised. You look like a soldier now!”, Barbz complemented my son in his school uniform. I agreed. He looked like a little soldier. Continue reading “Day 26: I Will Always Be There For You”

Day 22: Holy Encounter Part 1

I brought them to the dining room of the ship and provided them with food and drinks. They were visibly hungry and gladly consumed the meal. I excused myself and went to the cockpit. I told the station medical facility that someone from Sisters of Eve would take care of the lady patient. And I undocked the ship. I decided to not stay there for too long and went to my home station. I was getting worried someone from the station security would start asking me questions on the whole events. Continue reading “Day 22: Holy Encounter Part 1”