Day 12: A Mystery Gift Part 1

When finally I arrived at my home station I notice an unfamiliar ship parked on the spot where I should park my Ares, forcing me to look for another spot.

I was walking to the exit door of the hangar when a burly man approached me.

“Excuse me. Are you Mr …?” (censored. Sorry guys. I still had to keep my name secret). He asked politely.

“Yes, I am. Can I help you?”, I replied. I could tell the guy was not capsuleer from the way he moved. Most capsuleers would moved a bit stiff because their mind was too used to control a ship than their own body parts. They guy moved very naturally which I envied a bit.

“I am Jack from the courier service. I brought you a ship… that one”, he pointed to the ship I saw earlier on my parking spot.

“If you could just sign off here….”, he gave me a tablet.

I carefully read the tablet.

Dear Mr ……. (censored)
We would like to give you this ship as a token of appreciation of your excellent flying skills.
It is all yours.
CCP Corporation.

I hesitated for a moment because I had never heard of that corporation. But in the end I signed the tablet by allowing it to scan my retina and fingerprints.

I gave him back his tablet.

“Why didn’t you just send message to me to sign it off?”, I asked him. I was curious why he had to wait for me in person to accept the delivery.

“Normally we do that, but for this item the sender specifically asked us to get the delivery order be signed off in person. And we pride ourselves to honor our order to the dots”, he said proudly.

I could see a spark on his eyes. This guy was really serious doing his job. I would remember his company name just in case I had to send something. I definitely would use their service.
He nod a bit and quickly went to the other end of the hangar and disappeared behind the door.

I walked to the ship “given” to me. It was a Gnosis!

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