Day 10: The Edge Of The Galaxy Part 2

I chose this solar system because it was quite deserted. Based on the data there was nobody in this system for the past 24 hours, so it was perfect for my staging area before I continue my jumps. The thought that there was a guy in this system bugged me, but there was no better option for me than to wait it out. As long as my ship was cloaked in this safe spot, I should be fine. So, I relaxed myself and started playing my favorite song list. I made sure that the volume was not too loud for me to miss any warning beep from the ship’s computer, just in case another ship approached too close to uncover my cloak. I left the cockpit and went to the middle of the ship where I put the supplies. I opened one of the cabinets and looked at the stacked boxes of food. This time I brought many types of food ranging from “heavy meals” to snacks. You would be amazed on how people managed to innovate in food industry that basically they could pack any kind of food for travel without losing too much quality comparing to freshly prepared food. Gallente industry was especially well known in this aspect. I sat on chair and pull a folded table from the chair’s arm.

The long jump made me very hungry and I chose two packs of heavy meal. The first was barbecue “meat” in spicy sauce. Based on the description on the packaging the meat was from a six legs herbivore animal that lives on Caldari Prime. I had never tried it before but I often saw the commercials. That was why I was curious to try it. I opened the package and surely enough a nice fragrance came out of it. Great! The commercials were not lying after all, and it was not expensive either. Awesome! I quickly finished it.

I then took the second package of heavy meal and read the description. It was a kind of fish whose name was too difficult for me to pronounce, but the picture on the packaging was not too bad. Looked like a normal fish that I knew except this fish had human like lips. I felt it was a bit disgusting and funny at the same time. I opened the packaging and it turned out the fish was chopped into pieces and fried. It was served with a small pack of hot sauce. Yeah I liked hot and spicy meals. I picked a piece and dipped it into the sauce. Hmm.. not bad. It was crispy on the outside and bit juicy inside. And I was glad it wasn’t smelly. I hated it if “fishy fish smell” lingered in the ship.

Ah! What a great dinner! I lazily went back to the cockpit and begin thinking of my next route. There were few routes available for me to take from this system. I could go to the “north”, “west”, or “south”. Of course the directions were relative, to me it was north, west, and south, to others it could be the opposite, depends on individual preference.

I moved the star map back and forth, looking at the data. Where should I go? Which the edge of the galaxy should I visit first? I could not make up my mind so I decided to call it a day and go to sleep for few hours. And I guessed I fell asleep fast because of the big dinner I had. I woke up to the alarm I set and I felt fresh from the quality sleep. I glanced at the screen and the guy was gone. Great! This time I made up my mind and decided to go to north west corner edge of the galaxy. There was a rumored Angel Cartel facility in that system. The security status of the system was -1.0 and it sent shiver through my body. It would be the first time I visited a system that dangerous.

So, there I went. I decloaked my ship and quickly jumped through the gate. It would be 46 jumps. But I figured I should be fine because the route would be relatively empty. Oh man! How wrong I was! As I was jumping from one gate to another I saw 3 people, then 5 people, then 10 people. The more I went deeper into the edge, the more people I saw on local. “What is going on?”, I asked myself nervously. And then on a few gates before destination my ship landed right in the middle of warp disruption bubbles! I was shocked for a moment from the bright light emitted by the bubbles but I managed to quickly jumped out of the system before the 20 something people in the system were aware or could do anything to me.

I was shaking a bit and I kept jumping non stop just in case if someone tried to follow me, which to my relieve nobody did that. Finally…. I arrived at the system and quickly warped to a safe spot and cloaked. This was it! The edge of the galaxy. System MVU0-F. Security status -1.0. I would try to observe the Angel Cartel pirates and also think how I would get out of this region alive. Before the locals became suspicious and started looking for me.

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