Day 6: A Son To Go To

“Father!”, my son shout loudly from across the hall and began running towards me. I grabbed and raised him high in the air before I hugged him tightly. Ouch, I felt a bit of tense on my back. I didn’t realize he had grown so fast and heavy. “How are you son?” “I’m very happy to see you. You didn’t tell me you would come!”, he said excitedly. “Let’s go to the garden, Father. We can talk freely there”. He took my hand and basically dragged me across the huge hall. I just laughed and followed him. I was very happy myself seeing my son. Even though it was only 6 days apart. At the garden we sat on a bench and he happily talked about his teachers and friends. I looked at him lovingly. Oh how he looked so much like my wife. He had my hair but the rest were of my wife’s. His outgoing personality, eyes, and smiles. He looked very handsome in his school uniform, like a small soldier.

I was glad I could enroll him into this school. I wanted the best school for him. Although it was not a military academy but it was partly owned by the Gallente Federal Intelligence Office, so the school was ran sort of military “style”. It would be easier too to enroll into any branch of the Gallente Military Academy for this school graduates.

“Father, there is this girl in our class. Her name is Natasha. She is shy and timid, but she is very smart. No, I think she is… genius! She could calculate the movement of ship in space by heart without any device or manual calculation. And one day she….”

And there we were. We talked and laughed till it’s time for him to go back to his class again. One hour that felt like a second. Actually I wasn’t allowed to visit him because of school’s rules, but I had connections in the school and I managed to convinced them. Well no. The truth was I begged them till basically they felt sorry for me and said yes 🙂 Ah! What a good feeling to be back to the familiar neighborhood. It’s time for me to visit the hangar and decide which ship to fly next because somehow I feel the Ares may not be the correct ship for my next destination.

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