Day 2: Rent An Ares

I decided to rent an Ares for some of the riskier places in my trip. I managed to persuade them to waive the insurance fee but in return I had to agree to make my Algos and everything inside as collateral plus some deposits. The Ares was not new but it was still in very good condition, fitted with enough inertial stabilizers and optimizers to make its alignment time under 2 seconds. 1.74 seconds to be exact. My maneuvering skills might be rusty but I still had enough reflex to fly this small beauty. I had just finished analyzing and plotting the route. Carefully choosing the balance between the amount of jumps needed against the risk level of the systems. I still had doubt on few of the jumps because of report of high amount of ship destroyed there in the last 24 hours, but I guessed I had to take the risk. Well, it’s time to hit the bunk early. I needed my body and mind to be fresh and sharp for tomorrow’s trip.

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