Day 15: Sisters Of Eve Security Mission Runner Level 3 Part 2

The journey to the Sisters Of Eve’s agent location was about 15 jumps which half of it were in 0.5 systems. But it was uneventful. I arrived just a bit early of the schedule. So I had time to look around the hangar before heading to the agent office. This station was a bit old by the look of it. Although it was certainly well maintained but from the interior design I could tell it was build probably 40-50 years ago. Continue reading “Day 15: Sisters Of Eve Security Mission Runner Level 3 Part 2”

Day 14: Sisters Of Eve Security Mission Runner Level 3 Part 1

It was a lazy morning. I was having a traditional breakfast of chicken noodle soup and coffee. Not so many people had this kind of breakfast anymore, everyone said why bother cooking if ready to eat meal were available and they tasted as good as freshly cooked meal and even supposedly had better nutrition. Well, I was sure they did but I guess I was just an old fashioned guy. Continue reading “Day 14: Sisters Of Eve Security Mission Runner Level 3 Part 1”

Day 12: A Mystery Gift Part 1

When finally I arrived at my home station I notice an unfamiliar ship parked on the spot where I should park my Ares, forcing me to look for another spot.

I was walking to the exit door of the hangar when a burly man approached me.

“Excuse me. Are you Mr …?” (censored. Sorry guys. I still had to keep my name secret). He asked politely.

“Yes, I am. Can I help you?”, I replied. I could tell the guy was not capsuleer from the way he moved. Most capsuleers would moved a bit stiff because their mind was too used to control a ship than their own body parts. They guy moved very naturally which I envied a bit. Continue reading “Day 12: A Mystery Gift Part 1”

Day 11: The Edge Of The Galaxy Part 3

What fascinating about traveling to the most remote places like this was you could still watch news from all over the empires. It was made possible by using the jumpgates as relay for the subspace communication signal, including the one that carried news. So as long as there was a jumpgate in the system, it would be almost certain that people would be never out of communication unless during heavy battle when there might be jammers in operation. And of course wormholes. So far there was no technology that could provide communication between wormhole space and known space. There were few successful attempts to establish communication but so far only worked if the wormhole gate was still opened and not yet collapsed and even this only worked for short range around the entry of the wormhole. Continue reading “Day 11: The Edge Of The Galaxy Part 3”

Day 10: The Edge Of The Galaxy Part 2

I chose this solar system because it was quite deserted. Based on the data there was nobody in this system for the past 24 hours, so it was perfect for my staging area before I continue my jumps. The thought that there was a guy in this system bugged me, but there was no better option for me than to wait it out. As long as my ship was cloaked in this safe spot, I should be fine. So, I relaxed myself and started playing my favorite song list. I made sure that the volume was not too loud for me to miss any warning beep from the ship’s computer, just in case another ship approached too close to uncover my cloak. I left the cockpit and went to the middle of the ship where I put the supplies. I opened one of the cabinets and looked at the stacked boxes of food. This time I brought many types of food ranging from “heavy meals” to snacks. Continue reading “Day 10: The Edge Of The Galaxy Part 2”

Day 9: The Edge Of The Galaxy Part 1

I waited in my cloaked ship for a long time but no drifters approached the gate nor came out of it. So in the end I began scanning for a wormhole. It took me several hours as I was still quite clumsy with this scanning thing. When finally I found a wormhole to my disbelief it collapsed before I could enter it. But finally I found another one and what a lucky day, the wormhole took me straight to highsec region. The first thing I did was to send my son a message, it would be quite late in the evening his time so he must be already in bed. But to my surprise he pinged me on the comm. “Father! Where have you been? Are you alright? I have been waiting for your call. I almost talked to headmaster about your whereabout”, he whispered and looked so worried. “I am sorry son. I’ve got some technical difficulties to get in touch with you”, I didn’t want to tell him the truth, at least for now. I would find a good time to tell him the full story later. Continue reading “Day 9: The Edge Of The Galaxy Part 1”

Day 8: A Day In Wormhole

“Ding! Ding! Dong!… Ding! Ding! Dong!… Bzzz..! Bzzz..!” “Ding! Ding! Do..” Huh! I woke up startled by the alarm and quickly turned it off. I looked at the screen it was 5am. Which meant I fell asleep for about 2 hours after stayed awake whole night. Yesterday I decided to keep my ship in this hidden position and watched the area for drifters. Only 1 group of drifters flew passed by from somewhere. Yawwwnnn! I stretched my body. I felt dead tired. The thing with travelling in space was our body circadian rhythm became messed up. So many time reference. The traditional one was of course the planetary time. Although each planet had different length of day but it was easy to divide the planet into several timezones. The same thing for Space Station, it had its own rotation and some advance station even had artificial light that mimic natural day and night. On a larger scale the governments of empires of New Eden had been trying to establish a “universal time” across New Eden. Continue reading “Day 8: A Day In Wormhole”

Day 7: Sisters Of Eve Flotilla

Well, I don’t know where to start my story today. As I mentioned before I didn’t think that for my next trip Ares would be suitable. It was because I needed a ship that could scan for a wormhole. I wanted to look for Sister Of Eve’s flotilla. The problem was I have only tried to scan and enter a wormhole once in my whole life and at that time what I did was only scan for a wormhole, entered it, and got out as quick as possible. So this morning I took out my Astero and flew to some random system to “practice” scanning for a wormhole. I was about to do that when I saw something interesting on my overview screen. A Jovian beacon. “Hmm, I’ve never seen that before. I wonder what that is”, I told myself. So I cloaked my ship and approached the beacon. When suddenly on my screen I saw some dots flashing. “Shit! Drifters! What the hell are they doing here?”. Continue reading “Day 7: Sisters Of Eve Flotilla”

Day 6: A Son To Go To

“Father!”, my son shout loudly from across the hall and began running towards me. I grabbed and raised him high in the air before I hugged him tightly. Ouch, I felt a bit of tense on my back. I didn’t realize he had grown so fast and heavy. “How are you son?” “I’m very happy to see you. You didn’t tell me you would come!”, he said excitedly. “Let’s go to the garden, Father. We can talk freely there”. Continue reading “Day 6: A Son To Go To”