Prologue: To Live Life To The Fullest

“Why do you have to go, father?”, I saw the confusion on my son face on the hologram screen. He had started his year-long boarding school last week. “Don’t worry, son. I will come back to you whenever you need me. I promise”, I tried my best impression to look and sound firm. “Now, study hard and make me proud. I’ll call you again later, alright?”. He nodded and I ended the comm. Although it was hard but I had been thinking about it for a long time. All my life I had always avoided risk, whatever it was. Sure, I would take risky decisions but only as a last resort. But something had been bugging my heart. Somehow I felt that I was not living my life to the fullest. Something was missing. And now I knew what I had to do to fill the emptiness. I had decided to leave everything behind and travel to the four corners of the galaxy. I would be putting jump clones in some places. And for the ship I had decided to use my trusted Algos. This was it! There was no turning back. And I could feel my wife was smiling from among the stars.