Day 61: The Mystery of Station 0 Part 2

“Okay, I won’t tell him”, I said but I know there was no way I would lie to Barbz. He’s more than best friend. He’s family. But did it mean I lied to Zobault? Well, not really I thought. I wouldn’t tell Barbz if he didn’t ask, but I’d definitely say it if he asked.

“Good”, Zobault said after he looked deep into my eyes and decided that I was honest and trustworthy enough for him to tell the mysterious story he was about to tell me. He laid back against the chair and began staring at a distance as if remembering something. Continue reading “Day 61: The Mystery of Station 0 Part 2”

Day 60: The Mystery of Station 0 Part 1

Barbz asked me why I was still doing my “punishment” as janitor. He offered me to join his assignment as guard duty which he said definitely much better than janitor. But I declined his offer. To me a commitment was something I would never avoid once I committed to it.

Besides, to my surprise I actually liked doing the janitor duty. I found out the duty suited to my personality which I liked to do repetitive task and perfecting it. Finding ways to improve the efficiency. Continue reading “Day 60: The Mystery of Station 0 Part 1”

Day 59: A Miner’s Normal Day (Sort Of) in Nullsec Part 2

Run to where?”, I asked.

Anywhere fast! To the sun!! Go go go!”, Barbz yelled.

The ship warning system was beeping constantly indicating that our ship was being targeted. I felt that the alignment was so slow and that I could die anytime once our ship was locked. But luckily after what seemingly took forever, the ship was aligned and we warped away before the monster ship finished locking us up. Continue reading “Day 59: A Miner’s Normal Day (Sort Of) in Nullsec Part 2”

Day 58: A Miner’s Normal Day (Sort Of) in Nullsec Part 1

The day felt so long but finally I finished today’s assignment. I felt tired and sleepy but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep because so many things were on my mind. I decided to spend the day in the pub alone.

Hey buddy!”, someone tap my shoulder and I knew right away it’s Barbz.

Hi Barbz, good to see you. Where have you been? You haven’t told me what your assignment is”, I said. Continue reading “Day 58: A Miner’s Normal Day (Sort Of) in Nullsec Part 1”

Day 56: The Mystery Of The CEO Part 2

We got a beacon to guide us to which part of the station we could dock. It turned out even though the structure was destroyed, a small part of it looked intact, or perhaps someone repaired it for… secret meeting like this?

After we docked a squad of men escorted us to a room. Along the way debris were everywhere, but surprisingly when we entered the room, it was clean and tidy, although dimly lit. At the center of the room was an round table with chairs and a person was seating with men behind her. It was the CEO! Continue reading “Day 56: The Mystery Of The CEO Part 2”

Day 55: The Mystery Of The CEO Part 1

I always felt those strange feelings whenever I entered a wormhole. Feelings that I had never used to. Modern ship nowadays of course was designed to stand wormhole travel and protect its crew, but still I felt as if my mind left the body for a brief second. And another few seconds for me to shake off the dizziness.

Once I was inside, I quickly activated directional scan to check if there was another ship. Nothing. So far so good. I then set the course to the wormhole exit I had from the corp bookmark and warped to it. Then entered the second wormhole to emerge into the lowsec system and set course to home. Continue reading “Day 55: The Mystery Of The CEO Part 1”

Day 54: First Experience As Janitor In Nullsec Part 2

Being a janitor was not bad at all. I studied the drone operation manual last night and I was amazed. The drones actually had many other capabilities other than cleaning the hangar. As I suspected, they could also be used to clean ship, but for some reason I didn’t know they were not utilized for it.

The second reason I felt happy doing this job was my supervisor, a Gallente called Zobault Thardell was very helpful. His nature was very detailed oriented and precise and luckily he was also very patient in tutoring me. And over the years from doing this job he had developed techniques and methodology to do the job very efficient. I liked it. Continue reading “Day 54: First Experience As Janitor In Nullsec Part 2”

Day 53: First Experience As Janitor In Nullsec Part 1

The next day, early in the morning I arrived at security office. I didn’t see Barbz. The time was still 6.45am.

Good morning, I’m here to get the assignment”, I told the guard manning the reception.

Just put your right hand here”, he pointed to a flat screen in front of him. The screen lit up when I put my hand on it and a second later the result came out. Continue reading “Day 53: First Experience As Janitor In Nullsec Part 1”

Day 52: Nullsec Here We Come Part 5

Ouch!”, I grimaced. When I accidentally pressed my right shoulder to the wall. The fighting was over. It took corp security 5 minutes to arrive at the bar and they quickly subdued all of us by using stunning laser. The majority of us were rounded up into this big room, I guessed some kind of storage room. Some were taken to the clinic because of their injuries. And few even were brought to clone bay to be re-awaken into a new body.

You okay buddy?”, Barbz asked me. Continue reading “Day 52: Nullsec Here We Come Part 5”